The average person spends up to fifteen minutes per day searching for things they have lost or misplaced, adding up to approximately 60 hours lost per year, not to mention the replacement cost of something valuable that is lost forever. That’s where we come in.

While similar companies identify solely as beacon, GPS, sticker or app companies, XY Findables aims to offer a complete Findables ecosystem that centralizes all of these technologies across a single platform as a solution to the world’s findable needs. Our current line of XY Finders provides the most advanced Bluetooth® LE Beacon technology in a stylish and affordable device to make sure anything you lose is found quickly and easily, with more item finders and services to be added to our Findables ecosystem in 2016. 

When XY Finders are synced to our user-friendly XY Find It mobile app, your valuable property becomes findable. Our goal is to ensure that our customers can always find what matters most.

In 2014, we launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to bring our first generation finder to life. More than 4,000 backers pledged $205,121 to bring our dream to life. Following our crowdfunding effort, we introduced the XY2, our second generation XY Finder, which has served consumers worldwide for the past year.

At XY Findables
, our mission is to build the emerging "Findables" space. We aim to be the leader in Findables by developing and producing the best quality products with the best user experiences – and by allowing our customers to go a step further by becoming owners in our company's future. Everything we create at XY Findables is designed under one guiding principle: our customers should never lose anything important again.