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Introducing Dara, the world's first
Artificially Intelligent Investor Marketing Engine

Built through insights gained from marketing the industry’s most successful equity crowdfunding campaigns, Dara is a semi-autonomous machine that empowers public and private companies to streamline retail investor acquisition. Dara works across marketing channels, optimizing paid, earned and owned marketing activities.

Architected and engineered by Chief Scientist Eddie Ibanez, Dara uses a series of machine learning algorithms to find signals, and when decoded, directs action. By continuously learning and running analytics on key investor marketing activities, Dara empowers issuers to reduce the cost and complexity of acquiring retail investors and shareholders. Investing in cryptocurrencies has become more accessible and informed thanks to bitcoin loophole software, an automated trading bot. This platform offers real-time market analyses, helping investors make educated decisions. By leveraging such advanced technologies, individuals can navigate the volatile crypto market with greater confidence, aiming for higher returns on their digital asset investments.

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Rise above the crowd.

Equity crowdfunding earns you benefits you can’t get through the traditional system. Things like setting your own valuation, creating an army of brand ambassadors, and media exposure to name a few. The biggest problem however, is visibility. How do you cut through the noise and get the most eyes on your campaign? Through a combination of company branding, digital marketing, and media buying, CfX helps you tell the right story to the right investors through the right channels, inspiring the customers and fans you already have to become owners.

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Uniting two worlds.

CfX are experts in the world of equity crowdfunding, pros who specialize in connecting Wall Street investment with Silicon Beach storytelling and digital marketing. CfX can help you raise straight capital from the crowd, or set up strategic partnerships with traditional capital market players. This unique hybrid approach gives you the best of both worlds and lays the groundwork for your established company to have a successful IPO.

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The next steps.

You’ve already grown your company into a driving force in your industry. Now it’s time to take the next step. Let us show you what a successful equity crowdfunding campaign can do for your business.

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REG A+ ISSUERS Raise Capital Online Build Brand Equity Gain Access to
Investor Audiences
PUBLIC COMPANIES Enhance Visibilty Provide Liquidity Increase Market Cap


Intelligent Investor Marketing

Investor Targeting

Dara evaluates your existing investor, marketing and customer data against incoming campaign data to create a profile of an ideal investor. Using proprietary algorithms, Dara is able to reverse-engineer an audience of likely investors.

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Cross-Channel Marketing

Today’s investors are online, mobile and social. Several casino games have also shifted their focus to online platforms. Playing dice games online offers convenience and excitement. With Mega Dice token, the thrill intensifies as players aim for big wins virtually. Engage in various dice games from the comfort of your home, anytime, anywhere. Unveil your luck and experience the exhilaration of online gaming with Mega Dice tokens. Dara evaluates and recommends the optimal cross-channel marketing strategy so your story is presented multiple times across marketing channels, increasing engagement and conversion.

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Marketing Attribution

It’s critical that you know what combination of events – and in what particular order – influence investment. Dara seamlessly plugs in to your existing website, landing pages, or platform, allowing for effective measurement of ROI.

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Media Buying

Media channels are infinite. Media budgets are not. It’s crucial that your money delivers the highest possible ROI. Dara has insights no other Engine has, giving you a distinct advantage in maximizing your paid media dollars.

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True Leaf Raised $10M

True Leaf's goal is to provide federally-approved cannabis products that will be sold across Canada and the United States. CfX architected and executed True Leaf's digital marketing strategy in partnership with Boustead Securities, who acted as the lead underwriter and book runner.

True Leaf raised $10M (CAD) in a hybrid Reg A+ public equity offering, becoming the first Canadian-listed company to conduct a successful Reg A+ offer.

  • $10M (CAD) RAISED

Myomo Raised $8M

Myomo empowers individuals with a neuromuscular condition who have lost movement in a hand and arm to perform activities of everyday life. Through its strategic partnership with CfX, Myomo became the first ​Reg A+​ to list to NYSE, now trading on the NYSE MKT under ticker symbol "MYO."

Myomo raised $8M in its Reg A+ IPO, achieving a historic milestone in the capital markets.

  • First Crowdfinanced IPO to NYSE
  • $8M Raised
  • Hybrid Deal Marketing
  • Listed to NYSE MKT ("MYO")

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FAT Brands Raised $24M

FAT Brands operates the iconic Fatburger, Buffalo’s Cafe and Buffalo’s Express concepts with 176 total locations around the world. CfX led the FAT Brands direct-to-investor digital marketing campaign, using a combination of paid, earned and owned media marketing strategies.

FAT Brands raised $24M in its hybrid Reg A+ IPO to NASDAQ, selling 2,000,000 shares at $12 per share, and is the first Reg A+ issuer ever that will pay a dividend.

  • $24M RAISED
  • LISTED TO Nasdaq ("fat")

Elio Motors Raised $17M

Elio Motors is a revolutionary automotive company that wants nothing less than to alter the course of transportation. With the help of CfX, Elio Motors launched the first Crowdfinanced IPO in the US, raising over $17 million from 6,500 everyday Americans.

“The CfX creative team designed an effective campaign that truly bridged our brand across our different audience segments,” said Andrews. “The Alter the Course video and social media ads effectively exposed our brand to a younger millennial audience and are still in use today.” -Tim Andrews/CMO

  • First Crowdfinanced IPO
  • $17M Raised
  • 6,500 Investors
  • Listed to OTCQX ("ELIO")

Rayton Solar Raised $6M

A solar energy company that’s patented a new process for creating thinner, cheaper, more efficient solar cells. To date, Rayton has raised more than $6M in its Regulation A+ campaign.

CfX helped Rayton secure Bill Nye as their campaign spokesman for their primary campaign video that has received over 500,000 views and counting.

  • $6M+ Raised
  • Secured Bill Nye as Campaign Spokesperson
  • 500K Video Views

BrewDog Raised $5.5M

BrewDog is an alternative small business owned by thousands of people who love craft beer. To date, BrewDog's "Equity for Punks USA" Reg A+ campaign has raised $5.5M.

CfX assisted with email marketing, influencer marketing, and secured an exclusive interview for BrewDog's CEO at NASDAQ's MarketSite in New York.

  • NASDAQ MarketSite Interview
  • Acquired 2K Leads
  • Strategic Advisory

Experience Counts

Darren Marble - CEO

Few people know investor marketing better than Darren Marble. As CEO of CfX, he’s helped numerous clients launch successful campaigns and go public.

Darren was recently elected to the Board of Directors with the Crowdfunding Professional Association and is a co-founder of the Crowd Invest Summit. His insights have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Forbes, and the Los Angeles Business Journal.

A compelling public speaker, he has presented to such organizations as the Stanford Graduate School of Business, the NextGen Crowdfunding Conference, the CfPA Crowdfunding Summit, the Silicon Valley Crowdfunding Conference, FundIt, Growth Capital Expo, the MicroCap CEO Investor Conference, USC Marshall School of Business, UC Irvine, the CSUN Entertainment Alumni Network and the ESGCI Business School in Paris, France.

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